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Getting Rid of Carpet Beetles

At GJP Carpet Cleaning, one of the most common reasons homeowners call us is because they think they may have carpet beetles. Carpet beetles are small ladybird like creatures which will roam your home and damage not only your carpets but also your furniture and clothing, as a carpet...

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5 Helpful Tips When Choosing a Large Rug for Your Home

A well-chosen area rug will bring beauty, style, and grace to a home. If you have hardwood, tile, or other kinds of hard surfaces as flooring, you will also appreciate an area rug for the additional comfort it provides. Choosing an area rug is not only a décor statement but...

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How To Take Off Furniture Dents in Carpets

When you have heavy furniture like the bed and large wardrobes in the same position, all is fine, until the day you decide to move your furniture round. You are likely not to be too delighted when you see large dents in parts of the now exposed carpet where your...

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