You might have heard that cleaning your carpet - especially with a steam cleaner - can foster the growth of mold. Is this actually true? Some people avoid having their carpets cleaned as a result of this. However, the fact remains that cleaning is essential if you want your home or office carpet to remain in good shape and last for a long time.

For a carpet to grow mold, it must remain wet for days - or even weeks - and would have to be deeply soaked right down to the pad. When a steam clean is undertaken properly by a hired professional, it’s not possible for it to cause the growth of mold. The carpet can be dry in less than 24 hours. In fact, here at GJP carpet cleaning, Brighton, we can get a carpet dry in as little as one to two hours after steam cleaning.

It can, however, be possible for a carpet to grow mold when it isn’t steam cleaned properly. Therefore, it’s necessary to contact a reputable carpet cleaning company to handle your steam cleaning if this can’t be done yourself. You can find a good steam cleaning company via referral, where possible.

If steam cleaning a carpet yourself, be sure to follow the instructions provided on the steam cleaner to the letter. As a professional carpet cleaning company in Brighton, we suggest steam cleaning on days when the weather isn’t humid - especially if you decide to do this yourself. This is because it will quicken the rate at which the carpet will dry.

Whether you decide to steam clean yourself or hire a professional, it’s prudent to make use of fans and forced ventilation, so as to ensure adequate air flow over the carpet.