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GJP Carpet Cleaning Brighton Are
Members of Checkatrade

At GJP Carpet Cleaning Services, Brighton we are pleased to inform you that we are a proud member of Checkatrade. This means we have agreed to abide by the organisation's guidelines to maintain ethical standards of service delivery. They monitor, vet and assess our business regularly. It gives potential clients an opportunity to look at our qualifications and details of insurance before you contact us. Also, you will see what previous customers had to say about our service. The ratings give you foreknowledge on what to expect, which we promise is always going to be good. To help you understand Checkatrade better, please read on.

What Is Checkatrade?

Checkatrade is an independent vetting service/website that allows consumers to write reviews about the trade services that worked for them. The process encourages transparency between consumers and businesses and reduces the number of dissatisfied customers. It also helps businesses to get more exposure to potential clients. Before GJP Carpet Cleaning Services, Brighton was registered on the Checkatrade directory; we were subject to strict background checks. Only after we had satisfactorily fulfilled all the necessary requirements, were we considered Checkatrade members.

How Does The Background Check Work?

Checkatrade Sent Its Assessors To Our Office To Inspect The Following:

Qualifications: This is proof GJP Carpet Cleaning is qualified to deliver our services.

Identification: A photo identification (passport or driver’s licence).Trading standards: We agreed to a policy that allows us to discuss the terms of our business with you and encourage transparency.

Utility bills: The utility bill shows that we live or work where we claim to be. In other words, we have an established base that people can use to contact us.

Insurance: This proves that we have public liability and combine insurance to hire people.

Referees: We provided the contact details of ten previous customers (at least six customers). Checkatrade interviewed former customers to get an idea of our service delivery.

Code of Ethics and Conduct: We signed an agreement to maintain a code of conduct that includes respecting the customer and offering fair business practices.

Credit Check: Our financial records and capabilities were inspected to verify our liquidity to deliver quality services to our customer.

Having passed these tests successfully means that GJP Carpet Cleaning, Brighton is a trustworthy business on which you can rely.

Why Choose GJP Carpet Cleaning

  • Non Toxic biodegradable detergents
  • Full insurance cover and liability
  • Steam clean / hot water extraction method
  • Experienced & friendly fully trained technicians
  • Commercial & residential cleaning
  • Friendly Helpful Staff

How Does Checkatrade Monitor Members?

They use our customers. Yes, you.

Checkatrade believes the best way to monitor businesses is to study their customers’ reviews or feedback. As a result, our clients are given a feedback card where they can write an unbiased review of the service they received.

Commercial, Domestic, Professional

Fast Drying

Your Carpets and sofas are dry within hours, we also provide protective overshoes to wear while your carpets and rugs are drying

Steam clean / hot water extraction method

We use the most powerful machines and our deep cleaning method is recommended by all carpet manufacturers, hotels, restaurants and hospitals on the Checkatrade website

Experienced & friendly fully trained technicians

All our cleaners have a minimum of 3 years’ experience, are fully trained, wear a uniform, drive a sign written van and are extremely polite, trustworthy and very friendly.

Stain Removal

All stains and marks are attempted using the latest products. If we cannot remove your ingrained dirt and soiling, no one can. We move and replace all furniture where possible, items are placed on pads or foil to protect your carpet from marking.

The card lets customers in Brighton and other areas in Sussex comment and scores GJP Carpet Cleaning Services in five areas of workmanship and service. The customer fills in the card and submits it to Checkatrade. The customer may also choose to leave feedback online.

Our customer’s names are never published. However, Checkatrade does not accept anonymous feedback. This way, the veracity of any claim can be checked.

As registered members of Checkatrade, GJP Carpet Cleaning Service happily asks our customers in Brighton, and other towns in Sussex to drop a review on our Checkatrade page. Let us know how we served you.

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