Stains can easily be removed from your carpet, depending on the strategy you use. When faced with a stain, don’t simply start scrubbing with a detergent and sponge, as this can turn out to be counterproductive and leave you with a carpet stain that will remain forever. There are certain methods for removing different types of stains.

As carpet cleaning pros in Brighton, we have provided a few rules which you can apply to achieve a good, clean carpet.

1. Clean the stain immediately

Once a stain develops, it should be tackled immediately before it has the chance to set in, which only makes it more difficult to clean off afterwards.

2. Blot stains rather than rub them

To reduce the size and spread of the stain, blot out as much of it as you can using a sponge or cloth, before you start cleaning. Use a dabbing motion afterwards, instead of a rigorous scrubbing to clean off the stain.

3. Do not use too much of the cleaning product

Use as little of the cleaning product as possible to reduce the risk of residue that will attract more dirt on the carpet after cleaning. This will also enable the carpet to dry faster and reduce the chances of being re-stained. Dish-soap or club soda can serve as an ideal cleaning product.

4. Dry properly

Use a towel to blot the carpet after cleaning is complete. Afterwards, you can dry the area using a fan or a blow dryer. Leaving the carpet damp will foster mildew spores and lead to the growth of mold.

5. Deep clean regularly

As carpet cleaning experts in Brighton, we suggest regular deep cleaning for your carpet to ensure it remains in good shape. Steam cleaning will keep mold and mildew away and remove any stains on the carpet. It blasts steam and hot water through the carpet, penetrating the fibres and removing any greasy deposits, after which the extracted dirt and cleaning solution is vacuumed out.