After cleaning, your carpet will be wet for between 1 to 12 hours. The duration depends on how good the cleaner was. In fact, it is possible you will have to wait up to 24 hours for your carpet to be completely dry after steam cleaning. This often happens when you do it yourself. Having professionals like GJP carpet cleaning Brighton handle your carpet steam cleaning, will result in a more efficient job with less drying time.

The exact time it will take your carpet to dry after steam cleaning will also depend on factors like temperature, humidity and how much sun enters your home before and after the cleaning. That is why it is recommended to clean and vacuum before you steam clean your carpet. It will also help if you are strategic about your timing. Choose a time when there is less foot traffic. But, if you can't avoid this, it is better you inform people that they can’t walk on it. If you have air conditioning or a fan, turn them on to reduce drying time. If it is warm outside, you can open your curtains and let in some warm air.

There is no way to avoid having a wet carpet after a thorough steam cleaning. This is especially as steam cleaning doesn’t really use steam as the name suggests; just a steam cleaning machine which requires hot water and some amount of soap. Some of them come with a heating feature. However, what you can avoid is over-wetting. This is usually caused by a malfunction in the carpet cleaning machine. Here at GJP Carpet Cleaning Brighton, we suggest ensuring the water coming out from the appliance is very hot to ensure the carpet will dry faster afterwards.