This does not necessarily happen every time you steam clean your carpet. If you are using an experienced and reputable carpet cleaning company, you will not experience this at all. Carpet shrinkage after steam cleaning is caused by letting too much water into the carpet without enough suction to get it out. You are likely going to observe this when you undertake the cleaning yourself or hire an inexperienced person.

Some carpets with heavy stains can be tedious to clean. Some inexperienced cleaning companies will resort to using more water and soap to get these deep stains out. Here at GJP Carpet Cleaning Brighton, we know better. The cleaning process goes beyond just more soap and water.

Watching out for some of the major steam cleaning-related causes of carpet shrinkage can help you reduce the risks. Water that is too hot can be one of the causes. Steam cleaning is using a combination of hot water and cleaning agents (most professionals use shampoo) in a steam cleaning machine to remove stains from carpets. This method works well in removing dirt and stains, but it can cause shrinkage. For the best result, the water needs to be very hot.

Most machines are fitted with a heating device, but it is usually better to use hot water that is not at boiling point. Water that is too hot will cause carpet shrinkage, though. Sometimes the nature of the fibre used to make the carpet can influence things. This is why an experienced professional will first take note of the nature of the carpet before proceeding to work on it. GJP carpet cleaning Brighton professionals take note of the texture of the carpet and then deploy techniques that won't threaten the fibre.