At GJP Carpet Cleaning, one of the most common reasons homeowners call us is because they think they may have carpet beetles. Carpet beetles are small ladybird like creatures which will roam your home and damage not only your carpets but also your furniture and clothing, as a carpet beetle diet consists of just about anything you have in your home.

Initial signs of a carpet bug infestation are usually holes in the rugs and furniture, or in clothing made from natural fibres like wool and leather. They will furthermore feast on dry food like pet food, cereals and oats.

Carpet bugs naturally live outside where they will feed on pollen and nectar, but they like light and are attracted to the food sources within a home. The overabundance of food supplies and the lack of natural predators that could harm them outdoors, means they often prefer to move inside once they find a suitable habitat.

If you find damaged photos, book covers, leather jackets, etc. this is a further sign you have a carpet bug infestation even if you are yet to see holes in your furniture and carpets.

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Before you can remove carpet beetles, you need to locate the source and find out where they are most active. The beetles are not very adventurous, and they will make a nest near their food source, for example inside a sofa or at the edge of the carpet. If you see damaged edging, you are sure to find the carpet beetles not too far away.

Once you have found where they are located, vacuum the area exceptionally thoroughly. Although you do not have to be so thorough in other parts, you will need to vacuum the entire home and every part of your upholstered furniture such as sofas, chairs, bed bases that you cannot remove to machine wash. Unfortunately, you will now need to vacuum every day for at least a week to get rid of all the bugs.

After vacuuming the first time thoroughly, get some boric acid powder and sprinkle it liberally around the carpet. The acid will kill any remaining beetles. After a few hours, you can vacuum it up. Avoid exposure of family pets to the boric acid as it can have adverse effects, so it is best to keep them outside or in a different room while you are treating the carpet. If you see signs that carpet beetles may have eaten from a sack of pet food or a cereal box, get rid of the remaining food.

If you find any clothing with signs of carpet beetle feasting the best thing is to simply get rid of it, as there could be carpet bug eggs within the fabric which will only prolong the invasion.

All machine washable fabrics should be given a thorough wash. This includes stored bedding, towels, and out of season clothing. You should also wash the curtains at the highest temperature possible with good laundry detergent. Eradicating carpet bugs is a massive amount of work for anyone, and most people will prefer to call in professional carpet cleaning services, or a pest control firm like Pest Control Swindon who will use up-to-date methods to make sure the problem is eliminated quickly and safely.

To prevent further infestations, you can try replacing your natural linens with synthetics. Natural materials contain keratin a protein which insects find rather tasty. Kerotin is also found in hair, which explains why items made from leather or wool is tempting to these bugs.