Imagine hiring a carpet cleaning machine for your home, buying some shampoo to go with it and investing so much precious time into doing it yourself. It’s quite an investment. You may have to admit hiring a professional to carry out the cleaning for you is more cost effective than you think.

What’s more, on average, it really doesn't cost much to have your carpet cleaned by an experienced professional. For a three-bedroom house you can expect to pay around £200.

However, the cost varies according to area. Other factors like furniture removal, stubborn stains (which take time and consequently cost more to remove), etc. can influence the price.

It’s advisable to get no less than 3 different quotes before hiring anyone. Here at GJP carpet cleaning Brighton, you can get an instant online quote in minutes.

To ensure the quote your receive is representative of the work to be done, ensure you have properly described the extent of the cleaning required. Mention the presence of deep stains, discuss the type of fibre used in making the carpet etc.

Small bedrooms are around £20, while medium-sized ones may cost £27-£30. Large rooms and staircases are usually priced at £30 to £35. Of course, you probably won’t hire a cleaner for just one room. In fact, many Brighton carpet cleaning professionals wouldn't want to send out a team for just a small room. That's why most of them have minimum charges, where you can add up the rooms you need cleaned to make up to it. Generally, it is better to have your entire home cleaned in one visit. You will save more money that way.

Lounges and hallways are cleaned for £25 and £20 respectively. Also, while carpet cleaning is around £25 per standard room, providing some stain protection services alongside it may generally be charged at £50 per room.