It’s prudent to hire a professional carpet cleaner to provide an effective carpet cleaning service. Shampoo or a steam cleaner can be used, depending on the condition of the carpet. Subsequently, a professional will be able to evaluate which should be employed to ensure a better clean.

As carpet cleaning professionals in Brighton, we know that heavily soiled and stained carpets can be effectively tackled by shampooing. There should be proper lather to ensure adequate dirt removal. Shampoo breaks the static electric charge with which dirt particles stick to the carpet. It also has a lubricating effect, which enables carpets to resist the impact of the brush. However, the stickiness of shampoo residue attracts more dirt after cleaning, which is counterproductive. It also causes yellowing over time because of brighteners in certain shampoos.

It’s become preferable to steam clean carpets rather than shampoo them. Steam cleaning is as effective as shampooing; in fact, it could be even more effective in the sense that there are no residues that will attract dirt after cleaning, provided the carpet is dried properly afterwards. Also, as there are no brighteners (as in shampooing), it does not cause yellowing. Steam cleaning removes dirt by using a steam cleaner to blast steam and hot water through the carpet, after which a vacuum is used to remove the accumulated water and dislodged dirt. Mold and mildew spores are also controlled by steam cleaning. However, steam cleaning is usually not effective against heavily soiled or stained carpets.

Here at GJP carpet cleaning Brighton, we preach to our clients on the need to use steam cleaning for the quick and efficient removal of soil and stains on wall to wall residential carpets. It is also easier to manoeuvre the steam cleaner past furniture. Shampooing will be sufficient for cleaning heavily soiled in greasy areas, such as in restaurants, as the lather and scrubbing action will remove stains more effectively.