Yes, steam cleaning carpet will kill fleas. Here at GJP Carpet Cleaning Brighton, we know firsthand, how steam cleaning carpet can serve as a very effective solution to flea infestation. Using steam cleaning in your fight against flea allows you to exterminate the bugs regardless of their current developmental stage.

Generally, steam cleaning gets out more debris than the normal vacuuming method. It gets dirt even around chairs, carpets, and everywhere other cleaning methods are not able to reach. Another reason why steam cleaning is an efficient method of killing fleas is that the insects cannot survive the high temperature used in this method of cleaning. This way, the larvae and some of the adults that the machine wasn't able to get at, are killed off by heat. The vapour from the steam cleaner is capable of exterminating every flea in your home. What is more, it is way cheaper than using chemicals which don't get every flea in one visit.

Flea can't stand any temperature above 95 degrees. So, with the steam cleaning method, you have both the steam and the heat to exterminate the insect with. The high degree of heat used will cause the flea pupae to abandon their cocoons thereby exposing themselves to the vapour oozing from the machine. This method allows you to treat multiple surfaces so that within a month of thorough steam cleaning, your home will be flea free.

For an excellent result, you have to maintain the steam temperature between 120 and 170 degrees Fahrenheit. This way, you are able to exterminate all the fleas even in the sections you attended to later. Steam cleaners remove fleas fast and are environment friendly since they don't make use of chemicals. This means you can rid your home of fleas without paying extra for it. Here at GJP Carpet cleaning Brighton, we can use steam cleaning to make your carpet and home flea free while removing all the unsightly stains.